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Advanced Web Consulting and Development Services

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What we do

Delgado Software & Web Service is in the business of developing and improving websites, in addition to creating customized software - two distinct areas of our business. 

We provide a wide range of advanced web consulting and development services.

Below is an incomplete list of some of our most asked-for web services. For more information about our software services, please visit our bespoke software page.

Comprehensive Site analysis and improvements

Our most basic service is an overall analysis of your site, its performance, its weak-spots, its strong-spots, etc. After this analysis a detailed report of recommendations is provided to you. These recommendations may cover as little as minor tweaks to the HTML of your site to a complete site overhaul based off what we find.

You are under no obligation to do any changes with us. We simply recommend what we feel needs improvement. You may very well go back to your designers to get these changes implemented. Hence, there is no point in us providing anything but a completely accurate report of what we feel your site needs to improve whatever aspect of it you are looking to improve.

The services offered as part of any analysis vary widely, all dependent on what is needed for your particular website. Such services may or may not include:

We really take care of it all. And if we can't, we will say so and recommend someone who can. We also don't simply "recommend changes" simple because the change can be made - we recommend changes based off what we observe is affecting your site negatively. 

Restoration and securing of hacked websites

Websites get hacked. It happens. 

However, it is possible to reduce the risk of such attacks with simple security basics in place - this can include basic staff training.

However, even top-level sites get hacked and the results can be disastrous for one's rankings in search engines - not to mention one's visitors. We take care of the whole process of restoring a site once it has been hacked to a cleaned-out version of it which can once again appear on the search results, as well as take steps to secure it so that the chances of it getting compromised are again are reduced to a minimum.

To find out more about these services, please visit our hacked websites page. 

Customized Web Development

We started off as a customized web development company i.e. we would create sites from the bottom up. As the years went by we opted for improving already existing solutions in order to save clients costs but, many people still want their own in-house systems developed totally from scratch.

We are more than capable of offering this.

We develop web applications predominantly in the following programming languages:

And, of course, straight HTML / JavaScript / Ajax / CSS.

Customized Development for Open-Source Systems

Whereas there are many open-source systems out there to choose from, we work exclusively with Drupal and Wordpress because of their proven record.

We develop customized modules / plugins for these two systems as the need arises; for those (many) occasions when just the right module / plugin simply cannot be found. 

We also provide support and troubleshooting services for companies that run their websites on one or both of these systems.