Google AdWords Consulting

Google AdWords Consulting

Delgado Software & Web Service is more than competent in assisting you with your online advertising campaigns.

Whether you are new to AdWords or a seasoned advertiser, we can help you gain the most out of your advertising budget.

We offer a variety of services in this area ranging from one-time account analyses (with a detailed report given to you on what was discovered) to full account maintenance on a regular basis. 

First Goal - Reduce Expenditure

Although all companies have different advertising objectives, our first goal in analysing and improving your campaigns is, generally, to reduce wasted advertising expenditure while still maintaining your current levels of return on investment.

Second Goal - Increase Revenue

Almost congruent to the first goal, our second goal is to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns so as to improve your return on advertising investment. We do this by using a system of both manual and semi-automated analysis tools in order to spot discrepancies in your AdWords account and so work to resolve them.

Deciding on the Best Service for You

The service you choose depends on your advertising goals and budget. For smaller accounts, a once-off review is usually recommended. For larger accounts, either regular maintenance or a combination of maintenance and training of staff who will then manage the account themselves is often recommended. 

For first-time advertisers, we can also offer you a free €75 voucher (or the equivalent in pounds sterling) directly from Google™ to get you started with your first AdWords campaign (depending on availability). 

Please contact us directly to find out which service suits you best.