Customised Software Development

In 2004 we took on the world of customised software development. At times, this forms up to 50% of our business' focus.

No frills, just software

Casual, determined-looking businessman with laptop

As a business owner, you are likely not interested in unnecessary frills in your business software. You need something that works - and works every time. 

At Delgado Software & Web Services, we create software according to your business' needs. This has been our primary focus since 2004.

We create software that runs on the Windows® operating system and integrates easily with Microsoft® Office or even your smartphone where necessary - all according to your needs. 

Down to Business

The purpose of software in an organisation is to get work done. Business software is less useful to the degree that it detracts from that purpose.

At Delgado Software we focus, primarily, on the function of software and what that means specifically in your business. Functionality comes first - all modified by your specific needs. 

All software is designed and created completely and 100% for you and your staff.

We offer the full range of services from:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Installation
  • Training

Please have a look at our software portfolio page or contact us directly for more information on how we could help you with a customised software solution.