Software Portfolio

Following are some of the customised software projects we've worked on over the last few years. For a list of some of our web projects please visit our "web clients" page.

Invoicing and Expenditure System

A client needed a customised invoicing solution developed.

The system developed keeps track of all the company's invoices and expenditures and provides detailed reporting of where the organisation stands financially. It also provides graphical views of these and other statistics as well as an easy backup system to securely store financial records, important documents and basic client information.

Document Management System (and Web-Based Version)

Delgado Software & Web Services transformed an existing document management software system into a web-based service. This was a complete re-write of the system so that it could work seamlessly and securely over the internet. 

Additionally, we worked on the document management software itself to add features such as deep integration with Microsoft® Office, transmittals support, email integration and numerous other features.

Custom Quoting System

A client in a very specialised industry needed a complete re-write of an outdated quoting system which automated a rather complex process for determining quotes for potential clients. The creation of one quote (without the software) took approximately 30 minutes and was reduced to only as long as was required to gain the necessary information from the potential customer (typically 2 or 3 minutes). 

Later, a complete invoicing and advanced search feature was added to the system to automatically generate invoices and determine the company's financial standing at any given point. 

The system was also designed in such a way that it was portable and could be used at home or at the office with synchronisation between the two. 

Email Archiving Solution - an Email "Search Engine"

A client required a program that would capture and store all incoming and outgoing emails from an organization so that they could be archived and searched easily. Delgado Software & Web Services designed and created the system completely from scratch and it became a very successful software product for resale in the company. 

Staff Scheduling System

A retail store with numerous staff on different schedules required a customised solution to be able to track staff schedules, leave-days and sick-days. The system we created produced easy-to-read and understand reports and detailed information about staff schedules within seconds. Prior to the system's creation, the company used to spend several hours maintaining various hard-to-manage lists in order to keep this in order. 

Workflow System

An architectural design firm needed a customised workflow management system to keep track of its internal orders, drawings and payments. A role-based system with automated email reminders and detailed financial reports was created in order to manage this from the point of sale to the point of payment - every step of the way. 

CD Catalogue Generation Software

A retail fashion store needed an automated way to generate a catalogue for its customers that it would ship out regularly based off of the products it had in its database.

A system was created where data was automatically pulled from its database and attractive catalogue pages created that could then be shipped on CD to its customers. 

Data Migration (Export) Software

A company was changing its website from an antiquated system (database-driven) to a newer one. Software was needed to export the data from the old database to the new one easily. This was created by us and the data exported successfully. 

Other Projects

This is not a complete list of systems we've worked on or developed. If you need more information about our software services or to find out if we could help you on a particular project, please contact us directly for more information.